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Hello and welcome to Roadcoach Dalmatians.

Please enjoy looking at our Dalmatians - both past and present. We have been owned and loved by this delightful breed for many years, and through our dogs, we have made many good friends, and 'extended' our family, both in this country and abroad.
Our Dalmatians

The current UK Roadcoach affix was registered with the Kennel Club in 1982 and we have enjoyed 40 years of showing, selective breeding and living with our dogs. Based on the Konavlje bloodline of the late Mrs Monica Davidson, we have attempted to breed Dalmatians who consistently meet the breed standard and are loving companions. We will only place our dogs in caring and loving 'families'. We keep in touch with all our puppies' owners and like to hear what is happening to them and their families throughout their lives. We have produced UK show Champions, and all of our more recent Dallies, have gained their Kennel Club Canine Good Citizenship Bronze Awards. We have had  Dalmatians who have visited as Pets As Therapy (PAT) Dogs. DaisyLily (below left) and Iris (below right), both have visited residential homes for the elderly.

The People
Our dogs are our pets, part of our family and live in the house with us. Life is interesting both as an exhibitor and judge of Dalmatians here in the UK. I have been greatly honoured to judge Dalmatians at Championship show level in the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the USA (AKC approved). Judging is immensely enjoyable and it enables us to meet many more Dalmatians and of course, their owners. I am a member of several breed clubs including being Vice President of the North of England Dalmatian Club, and member of the British Dalmatian Club, Dalmatian Club of Scotland and Dalmatian Club of America. Fortunately my husband also loves the Dalmatian breed!
We occasionally breed a litter from selected bloodlines and only provide puppies to people who will provide loving and caring life-long homes. We maintain contact with owners throughout the dogs life and will help, advise and support at any time. All puppies are bred and reared according to the Breed Clubs' Code of Ethics and are reared in the home.
Chris Pickup

DaisyLily                                                                                                                        Iris Grace

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